The fancy Rosary that you flaunt holds a real importance, just like your ‘mala’ does to you. Stop being so lame and this is something not for flaunting and clicking selfies.
The pictures  that you click in front of the alter is again an act that you should avoid, you can read that there is a board stating that photography is not allowed.
The  Church is open to all, we  don’t ask you about your origin and ‘gautra’ while  entering. We don’t ask you  to remove your shades and caps before entering in
Or, when you even play a fancy ringtone during a mass, there is nothing.

Why is there a board outside temples stating only hindus are allowed ?

What makes one hindu or muslim or christian when you share the same
Air and land ?

Did  your God personally come and ask you to follow that ?

Have you ever seen your ‘God’ ?

Do you even know religion ?


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