This particular post  is to cover the revent incident which happened T jagannath temple, Puri. The  board outside the temple reads as;

only Hindus are allowed inside the temple

When i tried to enter the temple, the gueatd came and asked me ,”what is your gautra?”
That was an eerie experience for a christian who knows nothing about ‘gautra’. when i simply said that i am a  christian, there was some sort of hatred in his eyes that i could literally feel.

He aksed me to move out of the gate. I had  no idea what he is upto, maybe a normal checking they’d do i suppose.
But he took me out and said “only Hindus are allowed” that literally took me to that era when british people installed poster and warning around the elite areas and functions that ‘dogs and Indians are not allowed’.

There was a bit hassle around their, i then showed my ID card to them, but i anger and frustration, i literally snatched it  from them pointing out that its  no freaking religion that they’re obeying.

This has left a  deep sense of feeling that ‘who am i ?’, a disgusting feeling that in my own country, i am  not allowed to enter temples and worship like other do.

Nobody stops you from entering Churches, where you make lots of noise just at front of the alter and even take photos where it is not  allowed.

You disrespect our rosary, which holds a real importance as it has total equivalence as a ‘mala’ does.

Then why this lame rule?


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