Well, I was pretty much in pain after losing someone so close to me. I realised the nature and its  inevitable guiles to make people happy and sad without giving them much time. I recollect the fear which was within me and that finally came  and shove me into a string of silence because now i made a pact, so to say, with that inevitable nature. I realised that this will pass someday, we’d have better days however what seemed to strong would never be there.
The voice that used to surround me everytime and eyes that grew older seeing me growing from an average child with distorted childhood to a teenager boy living on his own terms, careless and reckless.
Things have come to an end however the certainity is that i would never make peace with it, never i believe, as i don’t undertand and would never understand the ‘nature’ the ‘cycle’ which ultimately prepares you to accept that in the end everything would go in vain.
I should write no more but i promise you that the love and memories will always be the same as they always were, yet the heart  wants what it wants.
P.s. you’re being missed !


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