Transitions are the inevitable truth of life.
We drift from some place and then destiny put you into some other place.
You just try to recapitulate the events and moments in your mind but slowly that fades away.
How the world changes in a jiffy and we cannot even get the time to think about it, only after its done we just pay our piece of heed and move on.
Too simplistic it may seen when the clouds dissapear and a grim start to the beautiful sunlight touching the face and slowly bringing the glow back but on the back of your mind, you’re still wondering about the what you have lost instead of what you’re about to get.
From one state to another and from there to another that is how it keeps on rolling and in that phase you lose the time.
Don’t miss the bus else there would be ‘i wish’ which could have been converted into ‘i grabbed’.
For now let us rejoice before this too fades away.



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