No one imagined that the system which changed after the recommendation of mandal commision for the upliftment of weaker sections of the society would create a ruckus in the lives of many deserving, talented, capable yet unfortunate individuals who belong to a category for which earlier there used to be a sense of delight that you belong to that particular category based on the caste-culture but now that delight has turned into despair.

The ‘general’ category candidate is the new backward now since reservation has made it difficult for a person belonging to that category to even imagine securing a seat in a college or land a job for himself/herself as half of the seats are now reserved for some other candidate who despite of securing less and having less credentials than the candidate of general category will be the ‘deserving candidate.

The reservation was meant to elevate the people belonging to lower castes and to encourage them and increase their participation in the general competition but how far has it been exercised in that manner. It is valid to say that indeed there must be many households benefiting from that but how far is it justified for that to happen at the expense of other better candidates?

The recent incident where a jat community staged a protest to get the reservation in jobs and education and that was granted, If it is this easy then i guess everyone should start protesting and attain a reservation by pressurising state or central govt. if there is any ‘equality’ then it should be for everyone.

okay now let us put it this way, a student belonging to general category scores 80-90% and still does not get admission in a good college or does not get the prefered course, on the other hand a student belonging to reserved category will acquire that with only 60-70%.

If you really want to encourage these people then why not give them monetary help or initiate skills developing programme? why the spirit of competition is being exploited here?

A student works extremely hard and then he gets a score which is still not sufficient to get admission while with even less no. of marks another student enjoys a good college and a good course. How far is it justified? it is like in a 100 metre race if a candidate belonging to reserved category runs 60 metre he is eligible for gold while the general category one who runs 100 metres will get a bronze at most.

The whole process basically demoralise the spirit of students and candidates who works extremely hard but still gets trapped in disappointment just because the system of reservation is so stagnant to thrash the hopes and expectations.

The day is not far when the system will face the fury of young and brilliant minds whose wings are clipped under the quota system. The cacophony will indeed echo is all the corners if this oppression continues.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ‘General’ is the new ‘Backward’ now.


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