I was just reading the case of rift between Anurag Thakur and Mulayam Singh Yadav and the proceeding of the case is a clear indication that how IAS, IPS  officers are merely a puppet of politicians and how they always pay the price in order to keep their job intact.

It is very unusual in India that these intellectual individuals, after clearing number of exams, after extensive studies and training, acquire these administrative jobs and pledges to give the best to the service and the country, on the other hand the politicians no matter how much they have studied (or have studied at all), what skills they have, what is their qualification or what is their background (criminal or any other), acquire a position where they rule over these individuals and all other individuals of the country who are far more intellectual and eligible for the post that they are carrying.

It has been a prerogative of politicians (and even different parties) to shuffle these officers as per their convenience for example, if they get appointed to hold a particular job during one party’s regime and let’s say they lose and a new party takeover then the first task they do is, transfer these officers to  different place considering them protagonist of the previous party/government.

The same was reported after Modi government came to power in 2014, as per the reports in newspapers, there were considerable number of transfers after they took over the office.

How far is it justified that these individuals just play the role of puppets while their masters (no matter how ineligible for their post), keeps spinning the strings.

To  support this argument, i remember there was a chapter in Shashi Tharoor’s book ‘India Shastra’ where he talks about LK Advani where he, during an interaction with the students of St. Stephens College (Delhi), shares the plight of these officers and the daily issues they face even after securing eminent positions in the administration. Advani was himself one of those individuals who after clearing civil service examinations, secured a job and then faced a let down after he found the intervention of politicians in daily affairs and how they consider these officers as just puppets.

I just saw the notification on my mobile that the IPS officer has now been suspended after the scuffle with MSY. Hence, there is no respite until these officers stand united against the autocracy of politicians. They justify their position after working day and night and provide the full functioning of the departments they represent while the politicians enjoy the benefits the whole term they hold positions.

This needs to stop else they youth of India will lost the respect and will they have to join civil services and contribute towards a better India.


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