The zest of visiting a monument or a famous landmark leaves us with such elation that as soon as we reach there, we start clicking selfies and photos.

Earlier, we did not have options, we would just visit the place and appreciate the beauty and observe the scene and sometimes, would gather information or history about the place through a guide or boards installed there, depicting the story behind it.

Thanks to the new technology which has given us the tools like smart phones through which we can capture the moment with a single click. The word ‘selfie’ stormed into the scene and we can find ample of social media space filled with people taking their own photographs, groups capturing their life events, adjusting each member in the small mobile phone screen, adding filters and composing photographs with the tiny tools.

But, wait, have you ever come across the photographs of your parents, the sepia touch on the paper, the black and white photographs, composed so delicately that even the random one would look like a candid shot.

Those were the times when owning a camera was a luxury and people would rely on local photographers who would a charge a petty amount and provide you with the beautiful photographs, the hard copy that you’d put in frames or make a dedicated albums (not the ones we have on facebook) and keep them safe somewhere in your closet or almirah.

Those were the photos which still look fresh, you can feel the quality, the subject placed carefully, a person leaning on the table wearing bell-bottom pants, a portrait of an old lady staring at the camera shutter with no expressions on her face, a young girl wearing a top which has polka-dots, family standing in front of Taj Mahal, smiling perfectly to make it look like a beautiful moment, a married couple holding hands, a child playing in the garden with no clothes (most of us might have this kind of photos) etc.

The work would be allotted to a trained cameraman or a person who would learn photography under the supervision of his master and then, would open his own business, posing a threat to the business of his own master. Unlike today, where everyone is a self-proclaimed photographer with an expensive phone in his/her hands, using several apps to edit the photos in an instant.

Ever wonder about those photo-studios where you can find a photographer struggling to make ends meet as his business is all gone, he is only at the mercy of some foreign visitors who does not carry a camera, he would provide them best shots with meager charge, the prices must be high sometime back, but now the times have changed, and so does the prospects of the ‘struggling photographer’.

Accept the fact that your phone or DSLR can indeed give you a good shot, but the photographer has been there for a considerable amount of time and even though all his ideas and equipments are outdated, the charm that he creates in every picture is noteworthy.

Let’s get clicked by them, let’s carry on with the hard copies of the photographs, let’s make a photo album so that we can cherish it later. Let’s get clicked for the sake of photography and the photographers of yesteryears.

                                                                    Let’s get clicked!!


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