Why there is so whining about even-odd formula?

Delhi as we know it, is the national capital and the centre of attraction for less good and more bad if I apply cynicism (which I generally do).

Now the Delhi Government’s decision to apply even-odd formula for private transport has become the talk of the town, everyone is criticising the government to take such measure into consideration.

The argument that people have is basically the inconvenience that they will have to face if this gets implemented. the comfort of the people will be snatched and they will have to consider buying another vehicle of either ‘odd’ or ‘even’ number.

But, the point is, what about the inconvenience that you will have to face in  the long run, the quality of air is already deteriorating or I may say, has reached to an extent that it will take many stringent measures and years to bring it to normal (or at least reduce it), your comfort comes at the price of your health and the body is not designed to face any custom environment, once your health starts deteriorating, there will NOT be much alternatives, the pills and treatment will not offer you a desirable life, it will just help you to carry on the STRUGGLE, that to for a very short period of time.

So, you can definitely go ahead and make social platforms flooded with memes, jokes and sarcastic updates, but who exactly are you mocking at?

Better we do it now, Beijing is indeed the inspiration, though both (Delhi and Beijing) still have a lot to do.